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Traditional Irish Dance Music


Band History

The Munich Céili Band



Beim ersten Auftritt der traditionellen irischen Tanzkapelle Munich Ceili Band im Jahre 1999 tanzten zeitweise bis zu 2000 Menschen gleichzeitig zu der Musik. Seitdem spielt die Band bei den verschiedensten Veranstaltungen auf – überall, wo irisch angesagt ist, doch auch bei irisch-bayerischen Festen bringt sie irischen Tanz zum Zuschauen oder Mitmachen. Vom Odeonsplatz, als krönender Abschluss der jährlichen St. Patrick’s Day Parade zu Ehren des irischen Schutzheiligen, bis hin zu irischen oder gar bayrischen Wirtshäusern. Da wackeln die Wänder, da bebt der Boden! Irisches Lebensgefühl pur!


Sometime in 1999 it was noticed that nobody was dancing to live Irish music in Munich, dirty or otherwise.

Alison Moffat promptly set about putting things to rights.


The problem, of course, was where to find musicians who could play enough Irish dance music to keep a dance evening going and even more so to find musicians who would be prepared to forego their free time in front of blazing turf fires to play one Monday evening every month for a few drinks and a pecuniary pittance.


Approaching musicians with the offer of joining a band without a recording contract, manager, publicist, rehearsal rooms and only ONE gig per month needs a lot of daring and cajoling and awesome powers of persuasion.  


Nevertheless the following ladies and gents by name and trade signed on the dotted line and the Munich Céilí Band rose like a staggering Phoenix out of the ashes and gave Alison the benefit of the doubt: Marianne Dechant - Architect/Accordeon, Hans Dechant - Architect/Fiddle,Sue Bollans - Accredited Translator/Piano, Steve Wiskin-Richards - Auto Engineer/Percussion, Hans-Werner Sahm - Artist/Banjo, Frank McLynn - Language Consultant/Fiddle, Colm O Tuama - Musician/Flute, Detlef Grabowski - IT Specialist/Bodhrán/Jaw Harp, Martin Oswald - Police Commissioner/Fiddle, Isabella Jarczyk - Teacher/Fiddle, Jim Klopfenstein - Musician/Double Bass, Jane Ross - Musician/Penny Whistle.  


The band went from strength to whatever else bands go to and built up a loyal following of foottappers, cripples, hoppers, kneejerkers, slippers and begrudgers. The commercial gigs followed and the band has continued to perform with various lineups but the basic original since 1999.


The Monday night céilí has become a must for many people in Munich and could very well become a must for you on the first Monday of every month from 9:00pm down in Killian s Olde Tyme Dance Hall , Frauenplatz 11 right next to the Dom in the city centre.


No dancing experience is required because the band has a wonderful caller/teacher, Barbara Dillon, who will guide you through the intricacies of stepping and swinging.

As they say; If you re not in you can t win so forget the Jane Fonda diets and the Fit for Life starvation torture and come down to shed the pounds and do the rounds with

The Munich Ceili Band!

The Rantapine


Alison Moffat - Band Leader

Alison Plays Akk Fidle 11 IMG_0074


Just call us and your problem is solved

Germany's Premier Céili Band

The band that took Irish Traditional Dance Music

to the world famous Munich OCTOBERFEST for the first time.

Céili = irischer Tanz